Carl-Severing-Straße 4, 40595 Düsseldorf, Deutschland
Welcome, July 2021!

We thank the Almighty God that He has given us the grace during the fasting and prayer season to enjoy His presence – it is by His unfailing mercies and graces we were able to seek His face amid other unforeseen circumstances.

We also appreciate the Prayer House family, our partners and friends for taking time off your busy schedules to join us pray and stand in for nations, organisations and people across the globe. It is our fervent prayer that the almighty God Himself will reward our labour of love.

Finally, just as we stood together in prayer, we will also celebrate together all that God has and is still doing. May your spirit be blessed and be transformed even as you follow us on our various platforms and listen to the Word of inspiration. We celebrate and appreciate all of you, may this month bring you a thousand and more blessings.

Stay Blessed!
Rev & Mrs Nana Yaw Aikins
(Senior Pastorate, Prayer House Church)

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